Our current location is a unique space for capturing audio. The centerpiece is a live room with a 22′ high ceiling ideal for drums or any other expansive sounds. Our last studio was designed to have almost 100 percent separation between members, and often what seemed to be missing was vibe. So a lot of searching went into setting up our new location in a very interesting house with spacious open rooms and lots of character. Sure we can use basic baffling to tighten things up, but the focus now is engineering and producing music very much in the tradition of Daniel Lanios: playing to the room, getting volumes balanced before hitting record, and the band only wearing headphones if need be.

Our gear combines the best of both analog and digital technology. Analog warmth can be added to tracking or full mixes by our vintage Otari tape machine and outboard compression and EQ. We’re proud to feature world famous Neve 1073 preamps and fully restored vintage JBL monitors like those used for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Add top quality modern and vintage mics, the small but crucial detail of high end wiring, and the escape of natural beauty everywhere you look- We hope you enjoy making music here as much as we do.

We offer half day, full day, and multi-day rates. Call us today to discuss your project and set up a studio tour!