Pierce Recording receives official endorsement from Accusound Cable Company alongside Bruce Springsteen and Eddie Van Halen…






Pierce Recording featured in November 2011 Performer Magazine…

A Pierce Recording article is featured in the Asheville section of the November issue of Performer Magazine… pick up a copy at your local record store or download the digital pdf version! Thanks for your support!



Hot local band Sonmi releases 2-track teaser from upcoming debut album on eve of Moogfest 2011 performance…


Local electronic indie rock band Sonmi has released two free tracks that were just recorded and mixed here at Pierce Recording Oct 2011. Sonmi was the only local AVL band to be invited to play Moogfest 2011 and were are all so stoked at the opportunities that keep arising for this very promising and cutting edge Asheville wonder.

Here is the link to the Sonmi Band site and download page, full resolution .wav and high quality 320kbps mp3 options are available… enjoy!



Asheville audio engineer Laine Pierce receives API endorsement for JDK products!

read article here… http://www.jdkaudio.com/ftf_210.html




In The Studio:

Sonmi Suite: We are halfway through engineering Sonmi Suite’s highly anticipated debut full length. With already having one headliner, one opening, and one fashion show performance all at the Orange Peel and a 2011 debut at Belle Chere, this band is easily one of the hottest on the scene and moving upward toward stardom within indie-electronic-rock shows and festivals…

Sonmi Suite getting ready for tracking at Pierce Recording


Sonmi Suite drummer Dave Mathes listens to the day's takes


Sonmi Suite rocks Bass Church 14 at The FIllmore



Avedis Audio Electronics- world renowned preamp builder- www.avedisaudio.com
Accusound Cable Company- audiophile CX Series cables built in the USA- www.accusoundcablecompany.com
JDK Audio- quality analog gear built by API- www.jdkaudio.com
Skew Records- local electronic label- www.skewrecords.com


Sample Tracks

Featured Tracks — Click here for more tracks of varying degrees of production and style

:::::Asheville’s Hot electronic indie rock band Sonmi has realesed these two tracks just done at Pierce Recording to promo their Moogfest 2011 perfomance and to tease their full-length which drops Spring 2012…


:::::Analog Mastering via JDK R22 analog compressor, Avedis MA5′s, and Otari MX5050 B series II loaded with Quantegy 456 tape featuring Skew Records artist and founder Andrew Askew “Moving Temple

:::::Example of spacious rock drums recorded in the live room.
:::The Setup: Stereo pair of AEA R84 ribbon mics at chest height out in front of the kit in an equilateral triangle about 6 ft from the kick, pair of Josephson C42MP small diaphragm condensers as spaced pair overheads, Audix i5 on Snare… no close mics were used on the toms. Preamps used were Avedis MA5 on kick and snare, Prism HD pre’s C42 overheads, Prism HD pre’s AEA R84 front-of-kit stereo ribbons, and Neve 1073LB on Telefunken AK47 Large Diaphragm Tube mic as Mono OH/Room.
:::Processing: All channels converted to digital via Prism Orpheus and individually stemmed out to JDK R22 analog compressor using Avedis MA5′s as make-up gain except for the kick which used the Neve 1073LB, then out to the Otari MX5050 B series II tape machine with Quantegy 456 tape. All tracks were brought back into Logic via Prism AD converters, mixed and then sent out to the JDK R22 buss compressor using the Avedis MA5 with the 28k engaged to tape. Mix flown back to digital, applied Waves SSL G-Buss compressor and Logic Limiter. Fun and done.

:::::Example of tightly mic’d, punchy drums, playing 14″ and 10″ snares along with 6″ kevlar for breakbeat accents featuring Lane Shaw (Mansions on the Moon, Conspirator, Pnuma Trio); Drum track from informal drums and Ableton recording session.

:::::Example of textured production on this lush and beautifully melancholy americana track featuring Atlanta Stickfigure Records artist Antic Clay



:::::Featured Video
Sonmi Suite- clip from the control room while the band lays down an intense “Yoona”

Watch more videos here